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Product Review

ZENIT: the Flat

Riders are requesting stiff, large and light handlebars and RATIO engineers have designed and satisfied their dreams, thanks to their pluriannual experience with the carbon monocoque technology and handlebars.
RATIO presents three new MTB specific handlebars: ZENIT, BULLIT, and GRIT. The three handlebars are 31.8mm stem compatible. Compared to traditional bars, RATIO engineers improved the width to 750mm adapting angles and rises to all different needs of riders.

Flat XC type handlebar with a 6.5 degree back sweep. RATIO delivers the handlebar in a 750mm of width, the end consumer can cut it to his specific needs. After cutting it, he can change the size by using some bar ends.

All RATIO MTB handlebars are in UD (uni-directional) carbon fiber. They are made using a monocoque fabrication process which only utilize the best UD and 3K High Modulus carbon fibers. This ensures a low weight and the highest strength. On top of that thay also have been thoroughly tested in house and by our riders. They all have an EN certification.